Saturday, September 11, 2010

Who am I?

Muahahahaha :-)

Text analysis seems to be the flavour of the month...or the season at least.

This website analyses blogs to have a guess at the blogger's gender and approximate age - and it has estimated me to be female (correct) and between the ages of 18-25 (a little younger than reality...which is perfect, really!).

Then again...scrolling down, it tells me that

The analysis is based upon 12 posts that has enough English words. 

 Great grammar there....maybe I shouldn't put too much faith in that website's ability.

Still, judging by the fact that by the time this post is scheduled to go out I'll be spending the day with my in-laws after a long drive and pregnancy aches and pains are making me feel like I'm a hundred....maybe I should forget about the grammar and enjoy anyone, anywhere, even a silly website, telling me I'm 18-25 :-)


Em said...

Dude, I do NOT like that thing. :(

Here's me:


Lee Hughes said...

The accuracy astounded me. is probably written by a female somewhere between 66-100 years old. The writing style is personal and happy most of the time.

I'm male and 32 lol

David Barber said...

This is what it said to me....

Data not in the supported RSS 2.0, RSS 0.92 or RSS 0.91 format. First tag in XML file should be rss. Current tag: feed


Joleen said...

So...Em is old, Lee is old and female, and David doesn't exist? Hmm. Maybe I shouldn't put too much faith in it, hehe!