Friday, September 10, 2010

What I'm working on...

So, it has been a busy week. I haven't really managed to do a lot of writing. I hate when real life gets in the way of the weird worlds within my mind...

I did have several ideas at least, which I've managed to take note of. One in particular I think has a lot of potential - a story which will be provisionally titled "Night Terrors" but that'll probably change - my titles usually change several times.

I didn't do any work on the little strange village story but I did think about where I took it when I last worked on it, and realised I was overcomplicating matters. So I'll now try to shorten it again, and cut out the unnecessary bits, and see if I can get it finished.

Several rejections have piled up in my inbox as well this week,, and while I logged them to duotrope, I haven't gotten around to hunting for more potential homes for them and resubmitting, so I really should try to get on with that too. 

Got stuff to do over the weekend so won't be around much for the next couple of days either, but hopefully next week I'll have a chance to catch up on people's blogs and do a few more posts myself, as well as getting some more writing done.

Thank you all for your comments :-)



Em said...

You spend too much time blogging, and not enough time talking to me on TLW! :( I schedule all my blog posts now! Yes, I'm lazy. :)

Joleen said...

I will spend more time talking to you on TLW next week :-) And yeah, I know you're lazy! :-P

I think it was worth the effort I've put in to the blog recently though, I've 14 followers now and a few comment regularly, all helps get my name out there....not that I google myself or anything. *ahem*