Sunday, September 19, 2010

Creative Blogger Award!

Firstly, thank you to the darkly talented Pixie J. King who passed this award on to me!

The Creative Blogger award is a 'pass it on' sort of concept, which means that I now get to nominate others for it. Oh, and tell some lies. *ahem* I mean creative fictions.

Specifically, I must:
  1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link to them.
  2. Add the award to your blog.
  3. Tell six outrageous lies about yourself and one truth. (Another variant: Tell six truths and one outrageous lie.)
  4. Nominate five creative liars/writers and post links to them.
  5. Let your nominees know that they have been nominated.
So #1 is done, thank you, Pixie :-)
#2 is also done.
 - So now for the fun stuff!

Are these six lies and one truth, or six truthful statements with just one single lie among them? Have a guess, in the comments (and if you know for sure, don't spoil it for the others!)
:-) I may tell you next week...though I have been very forgetful, of late. Muahaha.

  1. Lobsters terrify me.
  2. I have no middle name.
  3. When I was a child I played the role of Mary in a school nativity play.
  4. I love doing bungee jumps.
  5. The first time I smoked a cigarette, I was 12.
  6. When I was a teenager I was in a samba-style drumming band.
  7. I play the same numbers in the lotto every week.

So, now to nominate 5 others! This is the hard part...I don't like upsetting or insulting people! And I'm still quite new to the blogger network so I don't have that many connections yet, but some of the people I know all know each other so they've already been nominated! Conflustering. So here goes:

E. J. Tett - Em's Blog of Waffles.
Lee Hughes - Lee Hughes Writes
Lily Childs - Lily Childs' Feardom 
Rev. Wayne Austin Goodchild - The Change Has Started
Craig Saunders - Petrified Tank

So now to go let these people know I've nominated them, and then I'm done :-) Overall this was definitely fun to do, and it's a great way to showcase other writers' blogs and hopefully get everyone some more hits and followers and fans! So thanks once again, Pixie, and I look forward to reading all your thoughts on which of my fantastic facts are true and which are lies!


Em said...

Number two is true and the others are lies. Or number four is a lie and the others are true. :)

And thanks for the thingy, but I can't do it as I have no followers. :P (apart from you!)

David Barber said...

Jolene, congrats. No:5 is true cause I think we all smoked a cig when we were that kind of age. I yacked up all over the place and have never touched one since.

Em, I'm following you now BUT NOT for you to give the award. I've had it twice and I may struggle to get a post up anyway. We all need followers. :-)

petrifiedtank said...

Thanks Joleen. That's lovely, that is. I read your blog post quickly, as I'm really lazy. I'm going to come back in the week and see what I need to do. Thank you!

Joleen said...

@Em, you don't just have to nominate people who follow you, you can go for anyone, if you nominate them they might follow you after that! :-P You can always have a look through my bloglist, there are some good writers on there :-) Mostly horror stuff.

@ David, cheers, I'd have nominated you myself except I knew you already had one, turned out so did Lily and Lee but I didn't realise ad I was too lazy to go back & change it!

@petrifiedtank, hehe, I'm lazy too so I am very sympathetic! Good luck with it, I'll keep an eye out for it later in the week!

Joleen said...

And keep the guesses coming in, I'm saying nothing till next week!