I really love to take pictures of trees:

This one was taken in Ards Forest Park. I love to walk there with my dogs. The cover image for Casting Shadows was also taken in Ards!

Here is another one from Ards.

This one was taken near where I used to live. I like the look of them on the horizon.

Trees aren't the only thing I like to take pictures of.

I tend to take a lot of pictures of my dogs:

They are quite photogenic, after all.

Miss Molly -->

<-- Muttley di Wolfio

 Sometimes I snap other animals too, like these horses in a frozen field on Xmas day.

Certain places and landscapes also capture my imagination.

Some examples include:

This scene at Cork Airport.

The train station in Armentiere, northern France, which had train tracks and an inaccurate timetable and not a whole lot else except a sense of abandonment.

Then there was the Portnoulbrane Dolmen in Co. Clare. It really stood out, even in the strange and unusual landscape of the Burren.

This is the back of an old truck, abandoned on the road between Doochary and Dungloe in west Donegal. It has been there for years, one day I finally stopped to take a picture.

And this is Letterkenny, at dusk, when the lights were starting to come on. Taken from Scribley, where I used to live, there was a great view of the town.

This is a bridge across the Danube in Novi Sad, Serbia.

This is Novi Sad as well. Sunrise, viewed from the balcony of the apartment we stayed in.

I love taking photos of castles nearly as much as trees.

This is Burt Castle in Co. Donegal.

And this is Lough Eske Castle (now a very nice hotel), in South Co. Donegal.

Burt Castle as well - view from inside, looking up toward the sky. I love the ancient brickwork.