Publication Credits

Publication Credits. Yes, that's right, I have enough of them now that they merit their own page!

Print Anthologies:

My main claim to fame so far is the anthology of dark stories and poems, Casting Shadows, in which my work appears alongside that of two other very talented writers, E.J. Tett and Jo Robertson.

You can buy Casting Shadows on Lulu,, and Smashwords

You can also become a fan of Casting Shadows on twitter or myspace or facebook. Doing so will keep you updated on what all three authors are up to as well as any special offers and discounts available from time to time!

A story of mine, One Afternoon, appears in the Momaya Annual Review 2006.

It is also a dark story, though not in the supernatural sense - it deals with issues such as bullying and self harm.

The anthology from House of Horror, Stitched Up, features one of my stories, White Christmas.

White Christmas is a tale of zombies and families at that festive time of year.

You can order Stitched Up by clicking here. Please mention my name when doing so - I receive additional royalties if you do so! 

A short story of mine will feature in a new anthology from Bloodbound Books. 

The Anthology is called Rock 'N' Roll is Dead and my story is called "Special".

I'll update this space when it is available to buy!

House of Horror: Best of 2010 features my story, Mike Patterson, Murderer.

You can order House of Horror: Best of 2010 here and if you do order a copy, please mention my name so I can get some royalties! Thank you!

I shall also have a story appearing in the anthology, World of Hellmouth: Twisted Tales, Vol 1. My story features a young woman living in the World of Hellmouth (a strange and frightening world, very different from our own, though with some key resemblances as well) who escapes from slavery and goes on a journey in which she meets various horrors and excitements, as well as finally learning the truth about how she ended up a slave in the first place. For more details on this forthcoming anthology, stay tuned or follow World of Hellmouth creator, Nuno Xei's blog.

And there's more - my story Cat Food has been selected for publication in the forthcoming anthology from Library of Horror Press, Fearology 2: Beware All Creatures Great and Small.

And more! My story, Stepping on the Bones, will appear in Pill Hill Press's forthcoming anthology 2013: The Aftermath

Print Magazines:

One of my poems, called "Be tough, be smart, be lucky" appears in the October 2010 issue of Beyond Centauri, a fantasy/sci-fi/horror magazine for young people.

Websites & e-zines:

One of my short stories, Quotas, was published on the Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers website. Click here to read Quotas!

I have also had a short story, Mike Patterson, murderer, published on House of Horror. Click here to read Mike Patterson, Murderer!

A short story I wrote, The Happy Wanderer, was published in the first issue of Oblique Quarterly.

I also write twitter fiction (a short story in no more than 140 characters) and one of my pieces was chosen as the Picfic of the week recently on Picfic. Click here to read Last Will and Testament and see the picture that it was inspired by.

Other Writing:

The first piece of writing I ever had published was a poem called You can live without them (easily)! which was published in a Poetry Now anthology in 1994. I received the handsome sum of £0.65 for this, which was a big deal at the time and I dearly wish that I had saved those coins instead of spending them. I had several more poems published by Poetry Now and their parent company, Forward Press, following this. These were We Deserve Better in International Poets, in 1997; Mother, in The Voice of a Woman, in 1998; Too Late? in Dilemmas of Life, in 1998, Grey, in The Ultimate Rondeau Collection, in 1998 and Cat's Eye, in Our Little Friends, in 2004. As far as I know these anthologies are out of print now, but I have them all except Our Little Friends, as a reminder of how nice it is to see my name in print. You can read Cat's Eye and Grey here on this blog. The others, I'm afraid, are too embarrassing and will not be shared publicly!

I wrote some plays when I was a teenager and several of them were highly commended in local competitions. They were written on an old apple computer (this being the mid to late 1990s) and not backed up, so all that remains of them are a few tattered, printed copies. They were fun to write though.

Some years later I wrote a couple of radio plays which were performed for a local radio station, Mid and North West Radio, which sadly is now gone. The first was a one-woman show entitled Words Amidst Tears, while the second was a comedy-crime caper called Craic and Crime in Carrigmore. I do have copies of these.