Monday, January 18, 2010

Some poems

These have been previously published but I still own the rights to them so I thought I might as well share:

Cat’s Eye.

Curled up there in the corner,
You give me the evil eye.
That powerful stare
Is intended to scare
And I feel a shiver down my spine.

Such a hypnotic gaze
From your tiny black face.
Feline finesse, a
Bright light in darkness;
Is the magic little window to your soul.

Published in the Anthology Our Little Friends published by a division of Forward Press, in 2004.


I cannot see beyond the grey,
What out there wants me for its prey?
I hear no music, silence rules here -
I must not let it smell my fear.
When will the grey turn into day?

Though a non-believer, I still pray
To a different god, my own way.
Nothing at all is at all clear –
I cannot see.

When the time comes, to take my pay;
No one to tell me if I may
Go here or there – I shall be freer
Than wind and rain, with music to hear.
But for the moment, life is grey.
I cannot see.

Published in the Anthology The Ultimate Rondeau Collection published by a division of Forward Press, in 1998.

That's all for now though I may post more another time!


Conn said...

Love the poems Joleen! And serious best wishes with the blog ;)

Joleen said...

Thank you, Conn! I'll be posting some more recent writing from time to time as well here, or I plan to at least, will have to see how it goes! :)