Friday, September 3, 2010

What I'm working on...

Friday again, and this time I'm writing the update while sitting with a load of purple hairdye on my hair, waiting for it to take. Much as I'd like to be, I'm not @purplehairedJo naturally. I have to top up the colour occasionally. And at the moment, have to be extra careful with it as it really shouldn't touch my scalp, because of the pregnancy. Hence why I can't bleach it, and I'm only doing the fringe. Still. As long as there's some purple in there, it's ok.

So, back to the update. I finished the erotic horror story! Just need to leave it a few days and then edit it a little. Will definitely be sending it in under a pen name though, so even if it gets accepted, this'll be the last you'll hear of it!

I'm also getting through the story about the little hillbilly town where something strange is going on. I'd intended for it to be a flash fiction, but it's over 1200 words now, it just sort of took off, so I'm going with it. At the editing stage it might get cut down again, but that's what the editing stage is for.

No acceptances this week, and a few rejections, but they've all been resubbed straight away. Now I've had a few acceptances my confidence has gone way up, and I can handle the rejections much better.

Not done much work on any other stories, or poems for that matter, but I did have several vague ideas last night before bed, so they've been scribbled down in my barely legible handwriting in the bedside notebook, and may one day actually become real stories.

Thanks for following and commenting :-) I really appreciate it.


David Barber said...

Good luck with your subs. Rejection does get easier as your own confidence grows, as you've shown by just throwing them right back out there. Good for you!

That horror story must be rather racey if you're putting it out under a pen name. :-)

Have a great weekend!

Joleen said...

Thank you! Hope you have a great weekend too! :-)

Hehe, yeah it is a bit racy all right! horrotica seems to be a growing genre...but maybe this is where the pregnancy comes in, I'm not sure I'd want my kid's schoolfriend googling my name in 5 or 6 years and coming up with something like that story!

Can you see the blog ok now, the earlier posts and comments and stuff?

petrifiedtank said...

Hi Joleen - just read your blog and followed after I found your comment on mine - look forward to reading your short soon. Nice to meet you!


Joleen said...

Hi Craig, welcome and thanks for following! :-) Nice to meet you too!

Charlie In The Box said...

Sounds Interesting. And glad to have found another writer who shares the love of horror and thriller. I just joined your blog and look foward to seeing you on the forums.
Charlie In the box

Joleen said...

Thanks, Charlie! Welcome to the blog, thanks for joining! Indeed, I love a good dark story :-) See you around!