Monday, September 13, 2010


There's a type of chilli called the Devil's Penis (Well, Pene de Diablo. That's what it means). It's pretty small looking, but apparently it's also extremely hot.

I'm sure there's a horror story in there somewhere.

Or possibly a joke.

Perhaps even both?


() said...

How about the vatican hires a new chef.. a Mexican Chef.. muhuhuhuhahahahahahaaaaaa.. all of a sudden the hats don't fit properly, the heads are the same size, its just these little horns that have sprouted on everyone who ate the chilli.. the DEVILS PENIS CHILLI!!!.. that would crack me up, but scare the fuckin shit out of a catholic.. I'm sure you could do better.. ;-)

Joleen said...

I reckon you should have a go and write that story, sounds good to me!

() said...

Started writing it then.. a few paragraphs in.. what do you think of a site like this: (hasn't been started yet, but the possibilities could be awesome)

Joleen said...

I look forward to reading it!

That site looks good. I'll be hones though - anything with with Area51 in the title/url is likely to attract my attention, hehe! Community sites are great for writers though - I generally don't sent out stories without showing them to a few people first, there are always typos and mistakes that someone else will see. It's also great to share news of markets (especially paying ones) and various other types of feedback/encouragement.

() said...

This is more of a Q & A site, the Area51 part is because thats where a whole bunch of Q & A sites are born.. I use ServerFault daily.. its awesome, although, I have yet to actually ask a question.. hmm.

I signed up to the writers one too, I have lots of questions!

Joleen said...

Well I signed up for it anyway, I do like community sites as long as they aren't too big (too many people = too many dicks).