Friday, September 17, 2010

What I'm working on...

Probably the last regular Friday update for a while. Not that I'm going to go away or anything, but next week I'll have to start studying so I can get a headstart before the baby comes...and then there'll be the small matter of becoming a first-time mum. So now as Summer becomes Autumn, I'm having to accept that I might not have as much time for writing. Nappies and night feeds as well as assignments might have to take priority for a while.

Don't worry though, I'll still update the blog and share stories and poems! Just probably a little less, especially once the baby arrives.

So, what I'm working on:

I finished a draft of the little hillbilly town story, but it needs an awful lot of work yet. So I'll probably try to get some more work done on that. I think now that there might be several stories, set in several different Odd Little Local Towns rather than just the one, as there seems to be too much to fit neatly into one story. Or one town.

I also wrote a piece called Disfigured. Just a flash fiction, but I quite liked it, so I submitted it somewhere as soon as it was edited. Fingers crossed!

It's been a good week, with one story published on Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers and another accepted into a Pill Hill Press anthology.

Done some reading this week as well - read The Empress Graves by E. J. Tett, and I'm also reading Stitched Up!, the House of Horror anthology which features one of my stories, as well as some other great tales so far. Since next week I really need to start reading Hamlet and and some chapters on cognitive psychology, a YA fantasy novel and some short stories about zombies are the perfect diversion at the moment!

Now, since it is Autumn, I think I'll light the fire and try to get some writing done while listening to the rain beating against the window, and the dogs snoring. There's inspiration there, somewhere...


David Barber said...

Well done, Jolene. Read you story on TKnC and loved it. Congrats on PHP. I've got a couple of pieces going into a couple of their anthos, but I working on another few to try and get those in as well. Keep it up and good luck when the little un turns up. Arrrgghhh!! :-)

Joleen said...

Cheers, David!

Pixie J. King said...

Well done on the acceptances, Joleen! Looks like you've got busy times ahead of you. Good luck with the studying and of course the little'un when he or she arrives!

In the meanwhile though, I've nominated you for a Creative Blogger award. Check out my blog to see what's what :)

Pixie x

Joleen said...

Oh wow, thank you and thank you, Pixie!