Thursday, September 23, 2010

200 days

Tomorrow it'll be 200 days since I gave up smoking!!!

Yay me.

There were some difficult days. Like moving house. And exam time. And various other occasions that I always associate with smoking. But I'm glad I quit....will just have to see if I manage to stay off them long term.

According to the facebook app I've added 17 days to my life as well, by not smoking for 200. Well, you know - as long as I don't get hit by a bus or whatever.

There are nearly 5000 cigarettes I haven't smoked too. That's a pretty scary amount for a little over 6 months. Funny how it's that figure rather than the life saved or money saved which tends to hit home for me. 

Busy week so I haven't done any writing, got a few rejections but haven't sent pieces out again...I'll get to it. Will catch up on everyone's blogs as well, haven't been reading or commenting much this week. Hope all is well with everyone & everyone's writing :-)


David Barber said...

Hey, you keep that up girl. 5000 cigs? Just keep telling yourslef that. 5000 cigs...5000cigs...and none of that smoke has entered your body! Well done you.

Keep sending them out and keep writing yourself. You're getting yourself a nice little platform here now. Keep it up.

Joleen said...

Thanks! I suppose I should be feeling pretty proud of myself :-) Will definitely try to keep at the writing as well. I've come a long way this summer, don't want to let it slide back again.

Em said...

Well done! Don't you dare go back on them. Nasty stinky skanky things. Have you seen that advert where the babies are breathing out smoke? Grim!

Joleen said...

Thank you! Haven't seen that ad but it sounds pretty grim all right...even if I do smoke again I'll never do it in the house or car or anywhere the child will be...but I am going to try really hard to stay off them.

"Nasty stinky skanky things" is a great line by the way!

Em said...

Heh heh! Is it?!

I think you'll do alright at staying off them. ;)