Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life is too short to...?

Life is too short to do all sorts of things. I do of course occasionally have to do things that I don't like in order to earn money, or keep someone I care about happy, but I'll only do them if there's some kind of reason behind it.

I mentioned to a friend the other day that I consider life too short to do much ironing - I'll iron for a job interview, and that's about it. Otherwise I try to buy and wear clothes that don't wrinkle easily. She said that though she bought clothes that did need ironing, overall she was with me - especially as some people iron things like sheets.

Why??? Why would you iron sheets?

What else is life too short to bother doing, in your opinion? 


David Barber said...

My missus irons bed sheets but only for the guest bedroom. Off her trolley.

Life's too short to always be rushing about to get ready and on time for mundane things. Manjana, manjana! :-)

Take it easy, Jolene.

Joleen said...

She's mental! (No offence intended obviously). My guests are lucky if they get clean bed linen never mind ironed!

Yeah see I do fret about being on time for things, I freak out of I'm going to be late...even though there's a good chance whoever I'm meeting will be late as well! Life is therefore too short for that too. Good point.

Em said...

Too short to be doing the mundane crap I do at work.

Washing cars. That's another thing. Car stay outside anyway! Who cares if they're dirty?!

Joleen said...

I'm totally with you on the cars! I'll have to wash mine next week before it goes through the NCT (like your MOT) cos....I don't know. Some reason. It's a pain though. I don't wash it very often.