Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Come on ye boys in Green!

Come on Ireland, who take on Andorra tonight in the first competitive match at the new Landsdowne Road Aviva Stadium!

Olé, Olé Olé Olé....

I'm stressed enough today without having to watch the football team be brought down to the level of minnows, which has happened in the past - so come on, lads, make it a night to remember for all the RIGHT reasons, please, a stick a pile of goals in the Andorran net :-)


David Barber said...

Yes, good luck. It would be great if all the 'home' nations qualified for a tournament. :-)

Re; your previous post. Have you tried 'pasting' your writing into your post in "edit html" mode instead of "compose". It works a lot better.

Regards, David.

Joleen said...

Aye, so we can beat you when we get there ;-) Hehe.

Hmm. I don't think I've tried that, will give it a go - cheers!