Sunday, August 1, 2010

A short story/flash fiction piece - Pink Robots

Pink Robots

It was white for a start, and had pink robots on it. Also, there was a valance sheet, with the same pattern, hanging over the edge of the bed; making it a place to shove things out of sight. Unfortunately they were poking out. Copies of the Beano alongside Playboys

“Thanks,” she said, taking the glass of vodka and coke he handed her when he came back in. She sat down on the bed. At least that let her take her eyes off the pattern on the duvet.

“Cheers,” he said, sitting beside her and putting his free hand on her thigh as he sipped his own drink.

>She nodded, not sure what else to say. The room had ruined the mood. Changed her perception of him; in the club he had seemed handsome. Sophisticated. She sipped her drink again as he pushed her skirt up and let his hands wander more.

“And you work in the hospital?” she asked again, trying to distract him with conversation while she worked out what to do.

“Night porter,” he nodded. “But not tonight, so that’s good!” he said with a grin that now seemed leery rather than cheekily flirtatious. His hand wandered further as he threw the rest of his drink into him and laid the glass on the floor, where it rolled under the bed, the pink robots on the valance sheet flapping for a few seconds. She thought longingly of her own bed, the satin sheets, the Chinese print bedspread. Wished she’d suggested her place rather than coming here with him.

“It’s not really what I expected, your room,” she commented as he started kissing her neck.

“Been like this for years, I don’t see the point in changing anything, it’d be too much hassle,” he replied, his voice muffled.

“Years?” she asked, shocked, then it dawned on her. “Is this your parents’ house?” she asked.

“Mmm,” he replied, undoing the buttons on her shirt. “And hard as it’ll be once I get started on you, try not to make too much noise, they don’t like it if I wake them.”

She coughed and spluttered and moved away from him, putting her glass on the nightstand and redoing her buttons. “Sorry, I can’t do this,” she muttered.

His face fell. “Well, that’s up to you,” he said, his tone despondent. “We can still lie here, if you want, just kiss and stuff. We don’t have to do anything.”

“I don’t just mean sex!” she hissed as she grabbed her coat. “I mean anything, here, with you! Look around, do you really think a woman would be turned on by a room like this?”

“Never met one before who cared,” he shrugged. “You’re awfully full of yourself – I get plenty of women back here that don’t go all frigid!”

“Frigid?” she spluttered. “You’re a loser who still lives at home with his parents, whose bedroom hasn’t changed in years!” she pulled on her coat and threw one of the Beano comics at him. “Don’t bother calling me a taxi, I’ll make my own way home!” She flounced out the door and stomped down the stairs, not caring if she woke the parents up.

“No more picking up men in clubs,” she muttered as she slammed the front door behind her, the thought of doing anything on a duvet with pink robots on it making her shudder.

An old piece, just a bit of a funny/silly one, thought I would share it here! Also, another scheduled post - so hope it appears at all! 


Charlie Juliet said...

Clever! I know if I ever see any bedding with these images I will always remember this...

Joleen said...

Thanks! And I do hope I haven't ruined a future potential romance for you then, hehe!

Charlie Juliet said...

Alas I already found that out the hard way a couple of years back.. no pink robots though!

() said...

Had me hooked.. was that just a sample? where does she go? Does the door break? Did the "parents" awaken? Did she get spirited away by Elves and he arrested for her disappearance? How many swords fell off the wall when she slammed the door? Was the taxi driver human? Was her home still standing when/if she arrived? Did the perfume on her armpit attract hyper-dimensional mice from Magarathea?

Yeah.. maybe I was too hooked!

Joleen said...

Haha, yeah maybe a bit but it's always good to have fans!