Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Facebook apps

Like most people, I get annoyed by a plethora of facebook apps cluttering up my newsfeed. In general, I just click the 'hide' button on them.

There is one I love though. It's called "How much money have I saved since I stopped smoking?".

You put in how many you smoked, how much they cost where you are, and what date you quit.

It tells you how much money you have saved, but also how many cigarettes you have skipped, and the increased life expectancy. I'm not sure what they base their statistics on for the latter, so it may be pure bullshit, but it's encouraging all the same.

It wasn't even the money that made me go "WOW?!" though. It was the amount of cigarettes. The idea that I've managed to go 148 days now without smoking, and saved nearly €700 is great. As is the 12 days added to my life expectancy. But it's the fact that 3700 cigarettes have gone unsmoked - that's the one that's left me flabbergasted.

A little scared at how quickly those 25 a day add up. Mostly though, really happy. And proud of myself.

It's an odd feeling, that. I'm not used to it. I think I like it though.

Yay for facebook apps. Also - this one just sits on my profile page, rather than cluttering up newsfeeds all the time. Win-win :-)

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