Monday, August 23, 2010

A twitter fiction - Beetroot

I have no energy at all today. Busy week ahead and I feel like I've been hit by a bus, or possibly a train (being hit by a train would in fact be quite an impressive achievement on my part, since there aren't any in this part of the country). So blog entries may be few and far between this week, or you may get lucky if I decide to put a few short fiction pieces up! Here is one to start anyway. A dark twitterfic! :-)

He added beetroot to the juicer, loving how it resembled blood. Not mere speculation. He had used that juicer to dispose of body parts.


David Barber said...

I used to like beetroot. Thanks for that. :-)

Best regards, David.

(Thanks for your comment on my 2 short flash pieces on TKnC.)

Joleen said...

Hehe! I still like beetroot...if I allowed my imagination to put me off things I'd probably be afraid of or disgusted by everything now!

No probs, I really enjoyed your pieces, they were great!