Friday, August 6, 2010

What I'm working on...

Yup, Friday again, time for an update.

Working hard on doing a piece of some sort every day for Folded Word 24/7.

Haven't done today's yet though.

Have done very little writing this week apart from those tasks though, so everything else is still in the pipeline.

I do have various ideas, but so far they're just vague scribbles in my bedside notebook. Maybe by next week, they'll start to be something more.

Published 2 twitter fictions today on twitter. Old ones. Here they are to save you the trouble of going to my twitter feed:

Turning. Ticking. Hands on the clock move. I stay still. if I move, they will see me. If they see me, I will die. I stay still. 

"Dead", she whispered. Whose death? I wondered. I stepped out of my hiding place. She didn't react. Didn't see me. Oh no. I'm dead?


() said...

as I mentioned on twitter, I liked em. I even tried to write one myself.. but got cut off on the max characters thing.. the #twific tag got cut, and it wasn't very good.. how long did they take?

Joleen said...

Those ones didn't take long, they were among my first. Usually takes 5 mins or so, as long as I have an idea what I want to say. I write it long first, then try to cut everything out and take shortcuts (like & for and, minimal punctuation etc).

Joleen said...

Oh, and don't worry too much about the #twitfic tag either. You can confuse the hell out of your followers if you just post one without telling them it isn't a real post about what's going on in your life, hehe! If you don't want to confuse your followers then you can always tweet immediately before or after to explain that it's twitter fiction you're posting.