Friday, August 13, 2010

What I'm working on...

Friday again - already!  The week has flown past, and I've been busy with family & friends stuff and some early onset nesting - or at least the urge to sort out the study, as has already been documented here.

Have managed to do some writing as well though.  I'm still managing a piece a day for Folded Word 24/7 - though admittedly, this week has seen more twitter fiction, rather than longer pieces (and when micro fiction and flash fiction are "longer pieces" that's bad!). So I suppose there might be a lesson in that - writing every day is a good idea, sure, but if there's something specific to do every day and only a little will suffice, there's a temptation to say that I'm then done with writing for the day.

I did managed to edit the evil serial killer story, and submitted it - so fingers crossed on that one!

As well as this, I got around to resubmitting several pieces that had been rejected over the past few weeks. So not an entirely unproductive week, even if I haven't gone near the sci-fi/time travel story, or the fantasy epic. Both are still just swirling around in my muddled head, alongside umpteen other vague ideas. Who knows which I'll write first? Watch this space to see...

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