Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Am I a nerd or a geek?

Am I a nerd or a geek?

I'm the techiest person in my family....but compared to real tech heads I don't know much. I'm definitely the one who gets called on to fix minor computer problems though, and the one my friends ask about how to download, where to download from, and why their computer is going slow or weird all of a sudden (The answer by the way, is generally: run CC cleaner, run malwarebites, defrag and restart et voila! Should be fine again now).That's roughly where my knowledge stops, but I do like to know how to do things myself so when my computer f**ks up I tend to take it apart, literally and figuratively, depending on the problem, to try to work out what's wrong and how to fix it.

I keep my own computer desktop very tidy - only 7 icons. Everything is filed away in a system that probably makes sense only to me. My house on the other hand, is frequently a mess.Once again however, there is a system. It just doesn't look like it.

I got very excited today about alphabetising my books. I mean, it was actually loads of fun. Really.

I actually like learning. As long as it's a subject I have some interest in, that is.

I prefer words to numbers. In fact, I'm not really a big fan of numbers - unless the lotto wants to throw mine up some week, but that's different.

I like science but in the following order: 1. Biology; 2. Chemistry; 3. Physics. 

I'm addicted to the internet, mostly social networking sites and writing sites.

So, people of the internet - am I a nerd or a geek? What's the difference anyway?


Em said...

You, missus, are what's commonly known as a 'saddo.' And I only say this because I love you. :) (In, in the words of Alex, a totally non-gay way.)

Joleen said...

Hehe! Thanks! Same here ;-)

Lee Hughes said...

Neither, I'm a programmer by day and write by night, nowt wrong with liking technology and words in tandem. Nerd and geek are issued by the kind of folks that are too lazy to bother picking up a book or in the immortal line from the IT Crowd believe that typing Google into Google will indeed break the internet. So rest assured, you're normal in my geeky, nerdy mind lol.

Joleen said...

Haha, that is a brilliant line! I just ignore any derogatory association with the words and denounce those who use them in such a fashion as illiterate idiots...

Rev. Austin said...

I sort my videos/dvds/cds and books by *genre*, so what does that make me? ;) haha

Joleen said...

I would sort mine by genre if I could decide where the genre boundaries lie, exactly! For example, where do you draw the line between speculative and science fiction? Or between thriller and psychological horror?