Friday, July 9, 2010

What I'm working on...

As a writer I'm almost always working on something. What that means is open to all sorts of interpretation though.

Sometimes it means that I'm actually actively writing a story. On other occasions, I'll be mulling over ideas in the back of my head - often when I'm technically supposed to be doing other stuff, like studying, and working on assignments. Even when I haven't "done any writing" for some time therefore, it doesn't mean I haven't thought about it, haven't scribbled down some ideas on the back of a receipt in my wallet (hope I never have to take whatever it was there for back for a refund!) if I couldn't find my notebook, haven't gone to a world of nightmares and dreams in...well, my nightmares and dreams! :-)

At the moment I do have a bit of time for writing though, so I've got several projects on the go. I'm trying to write a flash piece for Rigor Amortis,simply because I think it's a hilarious idea and therefore absolutely worth a try. I mean, zombie erotica! Come on!

I'm also working on a speculative horror sort of piece. It's actually been submitted somewhere, but I haven't heard anything, and after about 5 months sent a query last week - still haven't heard anything. I the meantime I showed it to a friend, who thought I'd probably tried to stick too rigidly to the 1000 word limit, and that it might be a better story if I took the time to develop the scene and the characters a little more. So I'm working on that too.

As well as those pieces, I've got a fantasy story in the pipeline. A swords and sorcery sort of fantasy story, though with a twist in the tale, and based around strong female characters rather than damsel-in-distress types (I really hate damsel-in-distress types!).

Then there's a literary piece of about 2000 words that I really love, I think it's great (well, I would say that though, wouldn't I? :-P ) - or at least the idea is, but it's probably a bit weak in places and needs to be tidied up, maybe shortened a bit.

Last but not least, I'm hoping to try to write a few pieces of poetry - but not the usual, introspective, personal stuff. I'd like to try some narrative poetry, or just something a bit different. I have done a few poems like that in the past, but not a whole lot. It's a new approach, so I figure it'll be good for me.

So that's just a snippet of what I'm working on at the moment. As other ideas come to me they'll be noted, and I tend to try to work on whatever feels right on a particular day. Seeing as I'm also reading a ton of books, trying to come up with a research project idea for next year, and putting off doing my taxes, I'll have to make sure I continue to find the time.

Then again, sometimes, no matter what's planned, all I can do on a day is breathe and write.


Em said...

I have actually read an erotic zombie story, it properly grossed me out. It was in a webzine, but for the life of me I can't remember the name of it.

And have I seen any of these other things you're working on?!

I'm working on bugger all at the mo. I really want to do some writing, just can't at the mo.

Joleen said...

I go through many, many phases like that! And you've had quite a few bits of success lately, you're way ahead of me now!

The literary piece is called Waiting, you've seen that, and the speculative one is Stepping on the Bones so you've read that too. I haven't written enough of the fantasy one yet to show though, it's mostly still in my head at the moment!

I just have to try the zombie thing. It's too mental not to!

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