Thursday, July 15, 2010

Procrastination...or what I really should be doing now instead of blogging.

I should not be sitting on the couch surfing the net, reading and writing blogs.

I should be: using the internet to find car insurance. I can't understand why, now that I'm a year older than last year (and therefore supposedly more responsible), I have a further year no-claims bonus, and the news is constantly talking about the plus side of recession being the that deflation in the economy meaning a reduced cost of living, my car insurance is being quoted as more than last year for the second year in a row. Someone's having a laugh but considering I just had to have a new clutch put on the car and I also need to tax it and NCT it soon, it sure isn't me!

I also should be: Filling in my tax return form. Yeah, that's about as much fun to do as it sounds. It's about 30 pages long with about 20 questions per page. Most of them are irrelevant to me but that doesn't mean I can just skim it. Accidentally not filling out a box that is relevant to me could result in getting a massive, unjustified tax bill. Even looking at the form makes my head hurt.

Also: I should be reading ahead for next year's studies. I'll be pretty busy, especially in autumn, and I'm going to have to do a piece of sociological research. So I really need to get a bit ahead of myself now so I don't end up stressing and failing because I'm slightly busy giving birth around November. I did read a few units last week, but there's a lot still to do. And once I have the notes read, I'll need to figure out what to do research on. Plus, I should read the books I'll need for the literature module next year...except they're making changes to the literature module, so I'm not 100% sure what they are. Several are unlikely to change though, so I really have no excuse not to read those though. Like Hamlet. I don't even have to go to the library for that, I have a copy in the room next to where I'm sitting now. I'm just being lazy though - if I don't manage to read things that are stored on the computer I'm currently typing on I suppose it's unlikely I'll actually get off the couch!

I could also be tidying. The dogs shed a lot of hair at this time of year so the house is covered in a layer of dog fur. I don't realy feel like hoovering though.

Then there's the stories that have been rejected since my last mass sending-out a few weeks ago. I really should submit them somewhere else. I can't seem to focus though. To be fair, I did send out one today. So that's one achievement.

I could also be sorting out the books in the study. I can't do that properly though as I'm not supposed to move the heavy bookcases. I could take the dogs on another walk, which would be healthy for me too...but I don't feel like it. Plus, it might rain.

Of course,  there's also writing. I could definitely do with doing some of that. You know, apart from this blog. blog written, one story submitted. Will that do for today? Probably.

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