Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beware custom layouts

I used to have a layout for my blog from some site that offered them for free.

It was great - looked pretty cool, in the colours I wanted.

One problem though - comments. People couldn't make them. They'd click the 'comment' button and absolutely nothing would happen. There are also layouts that screw up the word verification stage, so that there is no box in which to input the captcha text unless you click like mad immediately after hitting the comment button.

 One person who has kindly started following my blog, and commented on it, has a blog layout that won't let me comment. I would comment on yours in return, but your layout is making it impossible. My advice is to try the new layouts from blogger as they don't screw up the coding and you can still customise them all you want - it's what I did. After all, it's fun to know you're being read!


Charlie Juliet said...

Thanks for the heads up on this. It took quite a few attempts to get one to suit. Kept getting told off in red writing... rude thing. :)

Joleen said...

I got the red writing quite a few times as well, it's a pain! I was really disappointed too when I had to give up a layout I really liked the look of, but thankfully there are more blogger options now.

Glad you saw the post, I looked for an email address on your profile but couldn't see one so I figured this might be the best way to get your attention!

Charlie Juliet said...

It's me that has the dodgy page?

Joleen said...

Yup, 'fraid so! If I click the comment button, nothing happens!