Monday, July 19, 2010


I'm definitely a bit of a geek. I do love certain gadgets, and I would be completely lost (like, driven to a near panic attack) without my laptop and mobile phone.

That said however, I don't really get the obsession with all things i

You know. The iphone, ipod, and now ipad.

I have a mobile phone that doubles as an mp3 player, thanks. It also can access the internet if I need it to. It didn't cost a fortune and the battery lasts more than half an hour. Also, I can buy memory cards for it which are completely transferable and I can transfer music between it and my laptop no problem at all.

I can understand people wanting a tablet computer, ebook reader etc as the ipad is - but why go googah for it just because it has an 'i' in the name? There are plenty of devices out there already.

Plus, if you buy something 'hot off the shelves' you're really just a guinea pig. There will be errors and flaws and bugs and the manufacturing company is relying on you to figure out what they are and complain so the next group of people who buy one - probably cheaper too - won't have to put up with those problems.

Wanting the latest thing is just silly, whether it's fashionable clothes or gadgets, you're just a slave to what some dude somewhere is telling you that you should buy. And who wants to be told what to do?

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Rohan_Berry_Crickmar said...

Couldn't agree more. I kind of like the separateness of certain technologies. My phone is just a phone. My CD walkman is just that (and yes still gets heavily used). My DVD is a DVD player. My Laptop computer thankfully combines all of these and when it works is my vital lifesource, workstation and general relaxation point. As much as I love ol' Stephen Fry, he doesn't half piss me off with his rather unflattering Apple-whoring, 'Oh, look how great my new gizmo' is schtick! I had an I-Pod for less than 3 months and it trunked on me, so no I'm not seduced by a company who have a chairman with the infintely punnable name Steven Jobs.