Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I love my car and I love having a car. I'd go insane without my own transport (I blame many years of travel sickness on buses as a child).

All the same, it's a bloody pain having to pay out a fortune for them. Just had to get a new clutch, and in a few weeks I'll need to pay tax and insurance and then a few weeks after that I'll need to put it through the NCT (national car test) to make sure it's roadworthy (or make sure the company the government hired can rip me off for another few quid, since they charge for retests, more like).

I'd cry at the idea of not having my car but I really wish they weren't so damn expensive!


Em said...

You can have my car if you want. Bloody hate the damn thing. I would like to have a decent car just once in my life but nope, stuck with crap. It pops out of first and reverse gear, the handbrake electrocutes me, it can't go faster the 30mph up hills, it can't accelerate, the windscreen wipers are shite... etc. You can have it! Gotta come get it though! :-P

Joleen said...

Ha! Thanks but that sounds like more trouble than mine...maybe mine isn't so bad after all!