Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tempting fate???

I don't believe in fate, or destiny, or superstition or any of it.

However, after saying yesterday that I end up close to a panic attack if anything goes wrong with my laptop, guess what happened? Yup. Cord-power adapter thingy went. New one ordered but it'll take a while to come and I spent ages yesterday evening trying to rig up a really poor quality 'universal' one. which falls out of the back of the laptop if I sneeze. Or, you know, breathe. Any movement at all really.

While on ebay trying to get the new one ordered, my email notifier went off twice too, letting me know of two more stories that were rejected. (One, the spec fiction that I only submitted about a week ago; the other a ghost story that I'm actually really proud of but has been rejected several times now.)

Stress, hormones, whatever. I was not in the right kind of shape to deal with rejection (like there's ever a good time...but there are worse times. And this was one of them). So I pretty much had a stress meltdown. I wasn't far away from curling up into a teary-eyed little ball of misery.

Oh well. After a long walk with the dogs today I'll send the stories out again.

Meanwhile, even though I'm cynical, I'm tempted to 'tempt fate'...So I hereby state that I shall definitely not win the lotto this week. Absolutely no chance at all.

Willing to be proved wrong on that one!!!


Rohan_Berry_Crickmar said...

The power adaptor issue with laptops is genuinely a serious pain in the arse. My laptop is pretty much in the conditioner that your's seems to be in Joleen. Universal adaptor in the back, which started nice, but now just doesn't want to play ball. Have to wedge it into the back of the computer with a Kinder surprise toy. Hoping that in the near future I'll have some dosh to get a new laptop. If your story is a good one it'll find a publisher somewhere, just have to keep plugging away.

Joleen said...

It really is a pain in the arse! The adaptor that broke is already the second one, the original went over a year ago hence why I had the universal one, but they're truly awful! I'd love a new laptop but it's not a possibility at the moment.

And cheers for the encouragement, I just find it a bit disheartening to keep getting rejections. Though for a few months I wasn't getting rejections because I wasn't sending anything out...that isn't going to further my career much either!