Monday, June 14, 2010


So the World Cup is on in South Africa at the moment. So far there haven't been an awful lot of goals, so for a neutral like me (neutral because Ireland are not in it, though I am sort of shouting for the Netherlands) it hasn't been great. I've been shouting for both teams in most games so far (except for France vs Uruguay, for reasons the other Irish and those sympathetic to our plight will understand). This has been great fun actually - though it would have been even more fun if a few more of the chances had resulted in goals.

All the commentators seems to be complaining about the vuvuzelas though. They're long trumpets that the South African fans play. Apparently it makes the stadia sound like there are bees buzzing around them.

Come on folks. Football stadia in the WC are going to be noisy anyway. Something about all the criticism just seems off to me. There haven't been many crimes, the stadia are finished and looking great...maybe people are just desperate for something to criticise? Or maybe they're just old white men looking for a chance to be nasty about an African's horn ;)


Em said...

Ooh, it works now. I like the word 'vuvuzela' but the noise makes me want to punch random strangers. :)

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