Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blogs about Blah

Been flicking through the "next blog" link here on Blogger looking for something amusing (it's up at the top there, on the left, near the middle. Feel free to click it once you're finished here).

It just struck me how many blogs there are about people's children and god. Seriously. Go ahead and click it and I bet that in no more than 3 clicks, probably fewer, you'll come to a blog where people post *cute* pictures of their children or talk about how much they love god/god loves them.

To my untrained eye, all the god blogs are the same and all the brats blogs are the same. I'm actually pregnant with my first child and very excited about it. However, I don't see the need to describe the minutia of said baby's existence online for all the world to read about. As for the god ones...well, they just bore me. I'd happily ignore them, but there are so many of them.

I do wonder what people are thinking when they post naked baby photos of their kids on the internet though. I mean, I remember being a teenager and at some stage during those years I went through all my photo albums and tore out anything in which I was naked. Imagine if those pictures weren't in a book in a chest in the attic, but posted on the internet???

As for the god-blogs...surely if you believe that strongly in god, surely you can't possibly imagine he needs the internet to hear your prayers (if so anyone who lived before 1995 or so is well screwed!)? Posting how much god loves you all over the internet doesn't make it true any more than me writing Jo-K (hearts) XY all over my maths textbook at school got me a boyfriend.

Oh well. Off to do some more clicking and see if I can come up with something funny or interesting instead of pictures of babies who all look the same or religious imagery.

Quick edit - I know the internet is a great way to communicate with distant friends and family so I get that people might therefore use it to display baby pictures. BUT, it is not that difficult to make a blog private/invite only. You don't need to display the pictures to any random stranger who can find them just by clicking through blogger.


Em said...

I will remind you of this blog when I see your baby pics!! Seriously, my mate said the exact same thing and yet you visit her Facebook profile and it's baby central. (I'm sooooo tempted to post 'my puppy is cuter than your baby' to my Facebook status, but reckon I'd offend 90% of the people on there!)

For a good blog, check out mine. ;)

Joleen said...

Agree, for a good blog, check out Em's - links on the main page! I think I link to it twice actually!

I will post some pics on facebook, but that's different - I tend to be very careful about who I add as a friend on there, and I keep my privacy settings for photos very high so only friends can see them. That's very different to posting naked baby pictures that any old random stranger can see by clicking through blogs a few times - well, I think so anyway!

Em said...

It's the 'don't need to talk about every detail of baby's life' too. That's all my friends talk about. Babies and breast feeding. I know way too much about breast feeding for my liking!! And poop! God, I don't want to hear anything else about baby poop!

Also, I tried the three clicks thing and I got three blogs all about comics. What's that about?!

Joleen said...

Hmm, strange! Maybe that's why I keep getting god blogs and baby blogs, maybe it's themed?

If I ever post anything on facebook about baby poop, feel free to slag me off relentlessly! Same goes for breastfeeding unless it's an opinionated comment on some place that won't let women do it. Some people are just too willing to share over the internet...in general I wouldn't post anything I wouldn't say to a person's face and I don't know all my facebook friends all that well!

Lorena said...

I love your blog's look!

As for the Internet, people post about what tickles their fancy, I suppose.

For some folks, like you, before impending motherhood, you already had a life. You have your ideas, your art, your science, and what not.

Some women become mothers to fill the emptiness of their lives, so when bundle-of-joy comes around, he or she fills every thought and every spare moment. Mommy wants to talk about it at every opportunity.

But there is also the fact that babies are fascinating. Every day they learn something new, they master the movement of a new muscle, they know mommy better. I have a 1-year-old nephew, and every time I see him, once a week or so, he's learned something new. And he's so darned cute. (Note to self: auntie, stop talking about him already).

As for the god blogs, those oppressed people have been told that they must preach, because if you and I go to hell, our blood is in their hands. So, blogging is an easy way to earn brownie points with their send-people-to-hell, loving, heavenly father.

Joleen said...

Thanks for the comment, Lorena! I'd agree babies are fascinating, I also understand people wanting to share the details - I guess I just think it's something that I wouldn't want to post on the internet for strangers to see, particularly pictures.

You probably have a point about the god-blogs though!