Friday, June 25, 2010

If we only invented certain things now

I wondered before what kind of world we would live in if time measurements were only invented now . Thinking about this some more, I wondered about other things and how they would be perceived if only just dreamed up today.

On the time thing again say, would the USA permit itself to be at the end of the day? It seems to me like they would want the International Date Line placed somewhere in the Atlantic so they would be the first to experience any new date - and the Europeans would be the last.

Something else which came to my mind though is not really anything to do with time.

In today's world, if someone came up with the idea of a public library, would they be denounced as promoting illegal file-sharing? Think about what a library is.

A library is: A building which houses many books. Many of the greatest books ever written. A mixture of everything from cookbooks to novels to poetry to textbooks as well as archives of old newspapers and access to various kinds of information about the locality.  All available for people to borrow and read or partake of for FREE. (The library board pays a fee to compensate the authors of the books, but ultimately they make much less than they would were each person who reads the book courtesy of the library to instead purchase a copy).

Anyone who came up with this idea now would probably be denounced as a bleeding heart commie or something.

So I, personally, am very glad at least that libraries have been around for a long time, and hope they continue to be!


Lee Hughes said...

Those are very, very deep thoughts. Is your telly broken?

That's how I keep ponderings at bay by watching My Name Is Earl and giggling, much safer.

Joleen said...

I try not to watch daytime television, I fear it would rot my brain! Hehe. I do enjoy comedy and giggling as well though. Cheers for commenting!