Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good football, bad officiating

I don't think there's any debate that Germany were better than England or that Argentina were a class above Mexico. However, the real talking point in both matches is not the skill of strikers or anything else related to actual football performance. In the first game, Lampard scored a goal which should have put the score to 2-2. It was clear that it was a goal, to everyone except the referee and his assistant. The second game's opening goal was scored by Carlos Tevez, who was clearly in an offside position.

It is time to have technology in football. Tennis uses it, rugby uses it. It wouldn't slow the game down any more than the protests that we saw from Mexico.

I don't advocate using it to check every single tackle/dive/foul or every offside even, but if a goal is scored or may have been scored, the technology is there to check it. There is no merit to any of FIFA's arguments against it. Football overall is what suffers when horrendous calls such as those today are made. In years gone by human error may have been a valid reason for bad decisions, but now the technology exists and can be accessed easily there is no reason not to have goal line technology at the very least, and at least entertain the possibility of video replays in certain situations.

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