Monday, June 14, 2010

Late Night Adverts

Watching TV late one night recently, one advert particularly caught my attention. Possibly because it was played every ad break. Often the only one that was played at all.

It promised viewers that real Irish girls were available to chat. For the mere sum of €100/second or something equally extortionate. I translated in my head. Real Irish girls probably means prostitutes from Moldova. Or fat housewives trying to earn a few quid extra to make sure their homes aren't repossessed. Not the hot blondes in the advert anyway. Dying to chat could mean they're desperate for their next fix of whatever drugs their pimps have them addicted to. Or possibly just that they're so 'keen' to talk to you that they will keep you on the line as long as possible. Because you're so great, obviously, that they can't bear to hang up. Not because they charge by the minute.

I'd say the only thing you can take for granted is that you will be ripped off and that the girls you talk to will not look anything like those in the ads. Who rings these things anyway? They must make money if they continue existing and continue advertising. Sad. And that's sad as in pathetic, not tragic.

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