Friday, June 18, 2010

Rally Weekend

*really big sigh*

Rally weekend is here again.

I love to drive fast on a good road (admittedly, not many of them around here). I certainly appreciate the skill of rally drivers. I watch Top Gear. I even sometimes watch Formula 1 and rally shows.

It's the followers I can't stand.

Men dressed up as boy racers.Doing doughnuts in car parks (Wow, how cool are you, you can drive your car around in a circle. Would you like a cookie?). Getting pissed and pissing and dumping rubbish all over town.

By the way, I'm well aware that the locals are quite good at dropping rubbish too. I'm not suggesting otherwise. The sheer amounts of it on rally weekend are staggering though. I guess that's what happens when you live on fast food and beer for an entire weekend.

Anyone complaining about the noise of the vuvuzelas should try listening to the drone of souped up Corsa engines driven by people who think that drilling a hole in their exhaust makes them rally drivers for a weekend. At least there's a mute button & a graphic equaliser on the TV, folks.

I know it's great for the town's economy (probably because of all the people they have to employ to clean up the rubbish starting on Monday), but that doesn't mean I can't complain about it.

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Em said...

I'd like a cookie.