Monday, June 21, 2010

Finger on the big red button...

Portugal are currently 4-0 up against North Korea (Korea DPR).

Not that KDPR were expected to win or anything, but 4-0 is pretty much a hammering. And while other teams have been trounced and there have been shock defeats and poor performances, this one might be slightly more dangers, seeing as the guy in charge of North Korea is mad.

(Now 5-0).

Yeah. Mad. Not in a good way. Not in a fun, bit of craic kind of way. No. A lose his temper, might be willing to blow up the world, kind of way. They've been developing weapons over there for a while, in secret. No one really knows exactly what's in Kim Jong Il's arsenal.

It sometimes gets called a communist country. And DPR actually stands for Democratic People's Republic of Korea. It isn't socialist and it sure as hell isn't democratic. It is run by a madman who runs the country like it's his own personal cult.

What's the betting that regardless of how many goals the Ivory Coast put past them later in the week, the players are slightly reluctant to get on the plane home when their exit is confirmed?

It finished 7-0. It sounds selfish, but I really hope that if Mr Crazy presses the big red button, his targeting system is good so he doesn't hit Ireland if he's aiming for Portugal...

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