Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Random - Giant Cats, The Simpsons

I have nothing new to share regards writing, or brain appears to have stopped working though, so just to make sure you don't all forget about me I thought I should do a post of some description...

So, some random things that attracted my attention recently:

Longest cat in the world. 
Cat is over 48 inches (4 feet!) long. 

I want one of those. 

The Vatican has found time to declare that Homer Simpson is a Catholic. 
Well seeing as God is fictional I suppose it's only fair the congregation is too...

Still, seems like the Vatican should really be busying themselves with a few other issues than claiming cartoon characters...

A study claims to have evidence for psi-phenomena or non-linear time

Umm...yeah. Seems more like a study about attention and memory retrieval and how existing information effects how we encode new...but clearly it sounds way cooler to say it's evidence for people predicting the future. Ahem.


The Mother said...

Homer Simpson is a Catholic??? Because he drinks beer???

I would have pegged him for a Pastafarian myself.

But, heh--any chance to divert attention from the real issues, eh?

Joleen said...

Well being Irish I do accept there's a strong connection between alcoholism and Catholicism, hehe!

But yep, get the focus off the real when they found the time to criticise Harry Potter but somehow couldn't quite make the time for an apology for the abuse victims...

David Barber said...

Hope all is well, Joleen.

4 foot cat, would that be a lion??

Homer Simpson a catholic. Jeez, I need a job like those in the Vatican. They've clearly got too much time on their hands.

Now, the pimp in me. I've got a story up at Erin Coles blog, if you get a minute. Links are on my blog.

Happy Halloween!!!!!