Monday, December 6, 2010

Save the words

I don't have a lot of time for blogging what with the little one, but I do still find time to browse the net & I found this site:

Save the Words

 Words that have fallen out of regular use ask you to adopt them - i.e. agree to use them regularly.

Some great words that are worth knowing just for their scrabble values. And because they sound cool. Examples include:

Quaeritate (to ask)
Odynometer (an instrument for measuring pain - nice word for a horror writer? I'm sure an evil character could find a use for one of those...)
 Viliorate (to deteriorate)
Snollygoster (a shrewd, unprincipled person, especially a politician - appropriate for the times we live in!)

...go check out the site! I'm sure we could all improve our vocabulary!


David Barber said...

Snollygoster - It actually has politician written all over it!! A great word though.

I'll go and check that site out.

Hope all is well. Looking forward to reading something of yours when you get some time. We'll all be here waiting!

Charlie Juliet said...

Good site! The way they use the given word in a sentence tickles my funny bone.

Layla said...

I can think of a few snollygosters (does that work?)!

I have cabin fever.

Joleen said...

Snollygoster is just perfect, isn't it? Cheers, David. I'll try get back into the writing soon!

It's great, isn't it Charlie? I was in stitches laughing at some of the uses!

Layla - yep that works. Snollygosters is definitely a word that should never fall out of use again. Cabin fever ahoy.